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2010 - 2011 Season

Season Shows

July 22 thru July 31

The World Goes 'Round

As NU Theatre continues to produce the canon of Kander and Ebb, come relive some of the most exciting music in Broadway and Hollywood history — all performed, designed, and stage-managed by a... Learn more.

April 28 thru May 8

The Pirates of Penzance

Frederic's nursemaid misunderstood his father's instructions to find Frederic an apprenticeship with a "pilot." She thought he said a "pirate" and therefore made a contract with the Pirates of... Learn more.

April 1 thru April 3

How I Learned to Drive

Following the structure of a driver’s manual, this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama deals with the shocking and painful subject matter of betrayal between two generations within a family. (Adult subject... Learn more.

March 17 thru March 27

Oedipus the King

Before Oedipus was king, he hears of a prophecy foretelling that he will kill his father and wed his mother. Dedicating his life to standing up against the prophecy, Oedipus imposes self-exile, never... Learn more.

February 17 thru February 20

The Credeaux Canvas

Like so many hopefuls in New York City, three young adults (a painter, a singer, and the son of a prominent art dealer) are chasing their dreams and trying to beat the odds to success. When a wild... Learn more.

January 21 thru January 30

Short Play Festival

Three cycles of 10-minute plays, written by various playwrights. All student directed. Comedies, dramas, and everything in between — our annual debut of nearly two dozen student directors produces a... Learn more.

December 2 thru December 12

Dance Theatre of Niagara

A world premiere of dance theatre. Act I premiered "Gigot" choreographed by Peter Bennett and Gary Marino. Act II premiered "Catch Me?" choreographed by Terri Filips, "All Women" choreographed by... Learn more.

November 18 thru November 21

Wonder of the World

During the first seven years of her marriage, Cass has acquired a bucket list of over 267 items. Even more baffling, she finds a hidden wooden box in her husband's sweater drawer filled with items so... Learn more.

October 28 thru October 29

The Real Thing

Henry, a celebrated writer, experiences love like never before — but in order to continue, he must first experience infidelity. Being a writer, he tries to find the perfect order of words to... Learn more.

September 30 thru October 9

Almost Maine

In northern Maine, the brilliant other-worldly northern lights streak across the sky when atoms become "excited" from colliding with electrons. Similarly speaking, the 19 characters featured in the... Learn more.

November 12 thru November 13

Songs I Wish I were Cast To Sing!

An alumni cabaret featuring Michele Ragusa, '87, David Autovino, '03, Stephanie Bax, '93, Peter Bennett, '03, Nick Cocchetto, '09, Kristen Nixon Frisina, '02, Paschal Frisina III, '00, Adriano Gatto,... Learn more.